Volume 2 (2016)


Volume 2 (2016)

Alexandra Curvelo, Editorial
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Angelo Cattaneo, Foreword
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Angelo Cattaneo, "Shores of Matteo Ricci. Circularity of visual and textual sources and the Interrelation of the missionary experiences in Europe, Japan and China. Preliminary considerations"
PDF (989KB)

Gianni Criveller, "Matteo Ricci and Giulio Aleni in Late Ming China. The Life of Master Ricci, Xitai of the Great West (1630, 2010)"
PDF (581KB)

Elisa Giunipero, "Xu Guangqi’s rediscovery in the contemporary period"
PDF (506KB)

Isabel Murta Pina 碧沙白, " Painting for the China Mission during Matteo Ricci’s time: Manuel Pereira 游文輝 and Jacobe Niva 倪一誠"
PDF (535KB)

Noël Golvers, "The Western library of Matteo Ricci and its aftermath: some critical observations"
PDF (740KB)

Francesco Morena, "Chinoiserie and printed sources. Seventeenth century Dutch illustrated volumes on the Far East and their reception in European art"
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José Miguel Pinto dos Santos, Foreword
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Takahiro Sasaki, "A Comparison of Western and Japanese Classical Books: Bindings and Illustrations in Focus"
PDF (810KB)

Satoshi Takahashi, "A History and Some Aspects of Chinese Illustrated Books"
PDF (415KB)

Takami Matsuda, "Collection and Digitization of Western Illustrated Books of Keio University"
PDF (500KB)

Daisuke Ueno, "Illustrated Buddhist Texts in the Edo Period"
PDF (732KB)

Toru Ishikawa, "On Nara Ehon/Emaki (Japanese Illustrated Books and Scrolls)"
PDF (419KB)

José Miguel Pinto Dos Santos, "Illustrations of Doutrina: Artwork in the Early Editions of Marcos Jorge’s Doutrina Cristã"
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