José Miguel Ferreira

Assistente de Investigação

Bolseiro de Doutoramento
Instituto de Ciências Sociais/Universidade de Lisboa


Grupo de Investigação:
Sociedade, Política e Instituições

Áreas de Investigação:
História da ciência
História da expansão portuguesa
História cultural

I hold a BA in History (New University of Lisbon) and a Master degree in Modern History and History of the Discoveries (New University of Lisbon), and I'm currently a researcher at the Centre for Overseas History (CHAM, FCSH-UNL/UAç) and a PhD student in the program PIUDHist. History: change and continuity in a global world (ICS-UL; FLUL; UE, ISCTE-IUL and UCP).

My research interests have included the study of identities and political culture in the early modern portuguese empire, both in the Estado da Índia and in the portuguese communities in the Philipines. Recently I have been researching the interactions between nation building, colonialism and the environment during the 19th century, focusing mainly in the case of Goa.

Curriculum Vitae(Pdf)

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