Maria José Ortega Chinchilla

Investigador Correspondente


Grupo de Investigação:
Cultura, história e pensamento ibéricos e ibero-americanos

Áreas de Investigação:
História cultural

Taking the land reform process at the end of eighth century as our framework, our focus will be to emphasize the special features of the territorial perception of the local population as oppose to that developed by the central government.
Our working hypothesis is based on the principle that the experience of inhabiting territory, the daily practice of dwelling in a place, gives it a series of symbolic connotations and identities, which must be studied by the historian. The territory is no longer abstract, it becomes a place of meaning and the landscape takes on a different profile to that presented in the scientific cartography. Such studies on the perception and representation of 'living territories' are indispensable to reach a deeper understanding of local communities in the modern age.

Curriculum Vitae(Pdf)

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