Linhas Temáticas

Cidades Globais Apresentação

The contribution of this thematic line to the debate around the concepts of 'city', 'territory' and 'frontier' will range from that chronological mark until contemporary societies, gathering data and examples that will permit to evaluate the grids respecting the waves of urbanization and to identify the factors which allow to explain the different fortune of the global cities in time and in space, the regional differentiations and the processes of polarization between metropolitan and rural regions, and between centres and peripheries.

On the other hand, the comparative dimension that is claimed by the historical object 'global cities' will allow us to study and juxtapose, in the line of connected histories and entangled histories: the urbanism of those urban worlds (as in the case of the Iberian monarchies, or in the possible comparison between European and Asian models); models and practices of governing, namely in terms of the political set of ideas and of the classical topic of the translatio imperii; and the articulation between political, social and economical dynamics.

In a context of globalization, of assemblage of new geographies and ever growing interdependency of contemporary societies, we aim to constitute a space for reflection on geo-history, global history and the specific conditions of the making of frontiers, territories and spatial scales, in an interdisciplinary, non-essentialist perspective, combining different scales of observation, and having as a starting point a privileged object, the global cities.