Linhas Temáticas

O Mar Apresentação

The thematic line The Sea has been developing its activities since 2014 joining students, researchers and professors from different research groups within and CHAM conducting investigation in maritime history, history of science, marine environmental history, underwater archaeology, literature, oral history and memory, heritage and art. PhD students, grantees and post-doctoral researchers are currently working in topics such as historical whaling, trading of natural products, natural knowledge circulation, changing shores and the construction of the first seaports and cities in the early modern Atlantic. 

One of the main goals of this thematic line is to bring the Sea itself - including its animals and natural ecosystems - into the writing of histories about the oceans and the historical human relationship with it, and to contribute to the developing international historiography of an oceanic history where all actors are included. Moreover, comparison and confrontation of knowledge of each historical period, and of perspectives of analysis, fits the designs of this thematic line perfectly, which is also set on the cross-road between the humanities, the social and the natural sciences. 

Coordenação: Cristina Brito