Third Interdisciplinary Conference: Thinking Symbols

30 de Junho a 2 de Julho | Pultusk Academy of Humanities, Polan

Investigadores do CHAM participam neste congresso organizado pela Pultusk Academy of Humanities.

Helena Trindade lopes, «Ramesses II and the art of narrating history»

Bárbara Botelho, «Osiris – one deity, many symbols»

Guilherme Borges Pires, «Aquatic Symbolism in Ancient Egypt: a Complex Issue»

Jessica Santos, «Amulets and apotropaic objects: children’s protection symbols in ancient Egypt»

José das Candeias Montes Sales, «The ritual scenes of smiting the enemies in the pylons of the Egyptian temples: Symbolism and functions»

Marcus Vinicius, «Seeing the Unseen”: The Matter of Union in Middle Kingdom»

Ronaldo Gurgel Pereira, «Sounds full of Power or a mere Noise of Words? The importance of speech in the hermetic literature en face the Book of Thoth»

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