Early Modern Iberian History in Global Contexts: Connexions

Routledge has just launched a new series devoted to the early modern Iberian past. Titled Early Modern Iberian History in Global Contexts: Connexions, the series is edited by Harald E. Braun (University of Liverpool) and Pedro Cardim (CHAM).

This series regards Iberian history as a plural way of approaching an ensemble of individuals and groups made up of similarities, connections, contrasts and colliding trajectories. Its aim is to connect the different national and transnational research traditions in the field of Iberian historical studies, and showcase the multifaceted character of the Iberian past, encompassing its many voices as well as the tensions, the violence and the conflicts that opposed its various components, both within the Iberian Peninsula and across the globe.

The collection will feature some of the best works in the field. The first ensemble of books to be released include volumes authored by acclaimed historians such as Bartolomé Yun, Jorge Flores, Fernando Bouza, Jean-Frédéric Schaub, and Miguel Carolino. It will also feature recent doctoral dissertations by Irene Fattaciu and José Miguel Escribano, along with a collective volume edited by Matteo Binasco.

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