Conferências do CHAM05.11.2021
Where do we go from here? Reflexions on Future Research in Early Modern Scholastic Thought
11h00 | CAN - Colégio Almada Negreiros, Sala 219 e online por Harald E. Braun, University of Liverpool


Early modern scholastic thought experiences a renewal of scholarly interest that is driven by changing paradigms of historical research such as the historical turn in legal history, global historical perspectives on early modern Catholicism, or the new history of empire. As a result, our view and understanding of the motivations, contexts, depth and diversity of early modern scholastic endeavour has become more differentiated and more problematic at the same time. Its lasting impact across a number of fields of intellectual inquiry has been thrown into sharper relief. Opportunities for interdisciplinary research and collaboration are emerging. Scholars are beginning to explore ways in which scholastic thinking could help shape the response to current challenges to humanity. The forthcoming Companion to the Spanish Scholastics (Brill Publishers, December 2021) is a publication that reflects these trends and aims to inform future research and debate. Taking the Companion as a starting point, I will explore some of the complexities, issues, and opportunities of current and future research in early modern scholastic thought and culture as well as its contemporary relevance.



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Pedro Cardim  (CHAM)






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