The Time(s) of Continental Empires: rise, decadence and after in comparative perspective, 18th-20th Centuries
University of Public Service, Budapest Roundtable Discussion of the research group «Lisbon-Moscow Project»


As well as extending over space, empires also linger over time. Every imperial domination has a cultural representation of its aspiration to endure; however, no empire manages to halt its decline over time. The theme of this roundtable is the temporality of the continental European empires that spanned the Modern Age: the Portuguese and Hispanic empires on the Iberian Peninsula, and the Habsburg, Ottoman and Russian empires in Central and Eastern Europe, the Near East and deep into the heart of Asia. Each of these empires witnessed rise and decline, as well as the loss of possessions and nostalgia for the glorious past. How these visions of temporality mark post-imperial cultures in modernity is the subject of the round table.

This activity proposes a first joint approach to a common historical experience, through a dialogue between specialists in the imperial culture of each of the Mediterranean and continental empires between the Modern and Contemporary Ages.



Comissão Organizadora

Pablo Sánchez León  (CHAM)




University of Public Service


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