Conference23.11.2023 e 24.11.2023
Histories of Violence in War
National Library of Portugal, Lisbon




Professor Margaret MacMillan
Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Toronto and an Emeritus Professor of International History at Oxford University. Professor MacMillan will discuss the uses of violence in war.

The keynote lecture is a public event open to all.


The history of war is the history of violence. But historians of war have yet to unravel the many layers, logics, and dimensions of violence as it is inflicted and endured in the context of military conflict. By contrast, historians of violence have recently made important contributions to the theoretical and empirical framing of violence as a concept, as a political tool, as a social practice, and as a cultural phenomenon. In this conference, we aim to broaden discussions between historians of violence and historians of war. This will make it possible to explore, discuss and deconstruct different empirical, methodological and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of war and violence.


Comissão Organizadora

Graça Almeida Borges | DHAH-Autonomous University of Lisbon and CIDEHUS-University of Évora

Matthew Ford | Swedish Defence University

Samuël Kruizinga | University of Amsterdam

Bruno Lopes | CIDEHUS-University of Évora

Roger Lee de Jesus | History Department-Leibniz University Hannover and CHSC-University of Coimbra

André Murteira | CHAM-New University of Lisbon




Society for the History of War

Interdisciplinary Centre for History, Cultures, and Societies (CIDEHUS) of the University of Évora

Department of History, Arts, and the Humanities of Autonomous University of Lisbon

Centre of the History of Society (CHSC) and Culture, of University of Coimbra

CHAM — Center for the Humanities of NOVA University Lisbon and University of the Azores



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