CONCHA 1st International Conference 10.07.2019 a 12.07.2019
Peoples, Seaports and Frontiers: Living the Ocean
Barranquilla, Colombia


The CONCHA 1st International Conference will address the multiple ways of living the sea, mostly focusing on the 15th to 18th-century Atlantic. We expect ideas about using, exploring, understanding, representing, and discovering the Atlantic Ocean by different peoples living by and/or depending on the seas and shorelines to be addressed and discussed in a cross-cultural, transdisciplinary approach. The identification of (physical and imaginary) frontiers, of clash situations, of interactions between peoples and individuals, and between humans and the non-human world, are examples of possible aspects to be considered. We invite scholars and students from different scientific backgrounds and with distinct research methodological approaches to submit their contribution under the topics defined below, or others considered relevant in this context. We also welcome creative and innovative ways of presenting scientific and historical results and data.






Programa | Programme(.pdf)