History and Methodology
4:00 pm | CAN - Colégio Almada Negreiros, SAA Room "The Materiality of Things and Research in History", by Carla Alferes Pinto (CHAM)


This workshop proposes to think and investigate the history and cultures of clothing through written, visual and material sources. Through an interdisciplinary and chronologically transversal approach, and the recovery of the practices and knowledge of the material and immaterial heritage associated with making and wearing, we will use written documents, images that exemplify crafts, practices and social representations, and archaeological remains that fill gaps in national collections on clothing, footwear and accessories. As an example, we will start from the idea and process of historical reconstruction of the dress from the DRESS project (Drawing fashion from sixteenth-century sources), we will use the documentary description of the trousseau of Infanta D. Beatriz (1504-1538), the textile materials that were chosen for the dressmaking and the sewing instruments used for it, as well as the painting that informed the options and the tailoring treatises that showed the patterns. Using the tools of the historian, the materiality of objects and the tactility of materials, we will challenge workshop participants to reconstruct one of the cutting patterns of a sixteenth-century dress.


Carla Alferes Pinto is an art historian and integrated researcher at CHAM. Principal Investigator of the VESTE project - Dressing the Court: Costume, Gender and Identity(s), working on clothing and fashion (clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics and make-up) as objects of communication and historical analysis that contribute to the characterization of the modern temporal and spatial context, and from which individual and group identity narratives result.

Open event for anyone who wants to participate, with prior registration on Google doc.


Organizing Committee

Yvette Santos (IHC — NOVA FCSH / IN2PAST)
 Mariana Meneses Muñoz (CHAM — NOVA FCSH)  







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