CHAM is an institution that perceives the world through the lens of the Humanities. From 2015 to 2024, the Centre’s strategic project is entitled “Questioning Frontiers”, and it aims to conceptualise borders and frontiers as interstitial zones, defined in historical, physical, and ontological terms. This institutional project encourages researchers to seek collaboration both internally and externally, developing dynamics of research, innovation, outreach, and scientific communication that aim to explore the question of borders.


CHAM has permanent contacts with partners worldwide, either through research projects or through cooperation and exchange networks of researchers, teachers, and students. We aid our scholars in their search for national and international funding and foster academic and professional training, open access, dissemination, and communication of scientific research to diverse audiences beyond the academe. The work conducted by CHAM’s researchers fosters diverse perspectives, both in academia and in society at large. To this end, our researchers address historical and current issues through cutting-edge, cross-cultural research, in dialogue with broader scientific questions worldwide. The international and collaborative environment of CHAM brings together researchers from different and diverse backgrounds. Many research projects developed in this institution are also positioned at the intersection of the Humanities with other fields of knowledge, such as medical and environmental sciences, and the arts.