Publishing is one of CHAM's main lines of action, aiming at disseminating original works of academic interest and contributing to a wider dissemination of the scientific activity conducted at (or in partnership with) the Centre.


The authorship of these works is not exclusive to the internal network of researchers. CHAM Publishers welcomes and encourages contributions from external researchers, domestic and foreign, that are relevant to the development of the Centre's subject areas.


CHAM's editorial programme, defined and approved in the scope of its activity plan, is based on compliance with international criteria for scientific publications and covers different publishing modalities (printed and digital), journals, series and collections. CHAM is also committed to the principles of environmental sustainability and democratisation of access to knowledge, by making all its publications available in open access, free of charge, through RUN - Repository of NOVA University of Lisbon and/or platforms providing access to academic publications.



For detailed information on scientific refereeing, editorial procedures and guidelines for the submission of manuscripts, among others, please consult our Editorial Policy (available soon).




CHAM keeps publication exchange agreements with over 100 institutions. New exchanges are welcome. For further information, please send a message to




Get to know and consult our editions in the ‘Books’ and ‘Journals’ sub-menus or download our digital catalogue.




João de Figueirôa-Rêgo  .  Director, CHAM Publishers

João de Figueirôa-Rêgo  .   Scientific Director, Studies & Documents (E&D)

João de Figueirôa-Rêgo  .  Director, Anais de História de Além-Mar

Inês Cristóvão   .   Editorial Coordination

Helder Mendes   .   Publication exchange

João Luís Lisboa   .   Scientific Director, CHAM eBooks

Susana Serpa Silva   .   Scientific Director, CHAM Açores

Isabel Araújo Branco  .   Director, Cultura – Revista de História e Teoria das Ideias

Pedro Cardim   .   Scientific Director, Atlantic Collection

Alexandra Pelúcia   .   Scientific Coordination, EVE - Encyclopaedia of Portuguese Expansion

Luís Andrade   .   Scientific Coordination, RIC - Portal Revistas de Ideias e Cultura

Alice Santiago Faria   .   Scientific Coordination, eViterbo

Francisco Caramelo   .   Director, Res Antiquitatis - Journal of Ancient History

José Miguel Ferreira (IHC), Matheus Serva Pereira (ICS) and Sandra Ataíde Lobo (CHAM)   .   Directors, Práticas da História