CHAM publishes four collections of studies and sources, aiming at disseminating the results of research projects and of works resulting from the sharing and discussion of knowledge in the scope of scientific meetings. In addition to these editorial initiatives, CHAM also co-edits and supports publications from other scientific institutions through its Extra Collection.



Launched in 2002, the E&D (Estudos & Documentos) collection features 28 titles, ranging from monographs and sets of studies on specific topics to the publication of sources. This is presently CHAM's most international collection, mainly featuring monographs and collective volumes combining contributions related to the research subjects being addressed at the Centre and mostly written by foreign external researchers.




This collection, only available in digital format, covers a broader scope and includes monographs, essays, collective volumes and historical sources, mostly resulting from collective and individual research carried out at the Centre.




This collection aims to be a space for reflection, discussion, and interconnection of regional and global contexts, contributing to the innovation, deepening, and dissemination of knowledge. Published volumes in the CHAM Açores Collection mainly focus on topics related to the history, heritage, and insular and Atlantic culture of any chronological period. We particularly welcome contributions that focus on Macaronesia. Volumes in this collection should preferably be coordinated by members of the Azorean Academy.




This collection aims at disseminating works in the field of modern archaeology, devoting particular attention to issues such as the safeguarding, conservation and enhancement of archaeological heritage, with a special focus on the territories, structures and materials resulting from the process of Portuguese expansion in the 15th to 19th centuries.





This collection is the result of an international partnership between EDUFBA and CHAM and aims at reflecting on the whole of the Portuguese imperial/colonial experience, in order to contribute to the recent historiographical debate on the history of empires and Atlantic history.




The Extra-Collection features a set of works published by external publishers (academic or commercial) which include contributions from CHAM researchers whose research was developed at (or in collaboration with) CHAM.