Tourism, Culture and Creation, Heritage, Management, and Participation are the themes of the new courses launched by NOVA FCSH under the Recovery and Resilience Plan for Portugal.


A set of activities designed for all levels of education, included in the national program "Cientificamente Provável”.


The training offering within the scope of the ANIMALIA project, which aims to recognize animals as co-constructors of historical narratives and mediators of economic, cultural, and ecological dynamics.


The training offer is anchored in the work carried out by NOVA FCSH's Departments and Research Units and aims to contribute to the qualification of citizens.


This master's program at NOVA FCSH provides a theoretical and methodological framework suitable for understanding not only the Portuguese colonial experience but also interactions and conflicts between the Portuguese and non-European cultures.


Curricular units available to NOVA FCSH students that allow for alternative perspectives and research skills.


Courses at NOVA FCSH and UAc that are associated with CHAM.