Speak Outs Sessions! 25.03.2023
Culture and Creativity Workshops in Dialogue
4:00pm-7:00pm | Cultural Institute of Ponta Delgada


The Speak Outs are public forums facilitated by IN SITU Labs, where citizens present their main questions and concerns regarding local development, as well as their opinions on the future development of the region. These forums serve to identify specific local problems (place-based) and explore solutions and paths for their improvement through creative practices.


The main objective of the IN SITU project is to contribute to a better understanding of the needs, governance models, and processes of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) located in non-urban/peripheral areas of Europe, enhancing their capacity as catalysts for innovation, competitiveness, and sustainability in the regions where they are located. A central issue in IN SITU is the articulation between research and practice, through IN SITU Labs at the local level - hubs that aggregate different networks, which will provide training and capacity-building actions and will monitor the case studies/pilot projects of the project in the six non-urban/peripheral regions of Europe, located in Portugal (Azores), Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, and Croatia.


Simultaneously involving research at the European level and experimentation at the local level, we aim to deepen our knowledge about: the direct and indirect effects of CCIs in non-urban/peripheral areas, existing trans-sectoral relationships, innovative strategies and systems, as well as the specific needs of the various stakeholders/actors of CCIs in each context.


In this context, we promote the series of Culture and Creativity in Dialogue workshops, which are public discussion forums (Speak Outs), mediated by the IN SITU Lab Azores, where citizens can present their main questions and concerns about local development and share their opinions on the future of regional development. These forums serve to identify local needs and problems and explore solutions and better paths through creative practices. The responses to the questions identified during the participatory workshops/Speak Outs will be activated by the selected Case Studies. The Case Studies involve cultural and creative professionals/operators whose creative practices respond to pressing issues in local communities.



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