Webinar Series23.11.2023
Conversation around... with Rosa Maria Perez (CRIA-ISCTE)
02:00pm (Lisboa) | ZOOM - online Livro The Colonial Periodical Press in the Indian and Pacific Ocean Regions, Sandra Ataíde Lobo, Jessica Falconi, Remy Dias, Dave A. Smith (ed.), Routledge.


With a multidisciplinary approach, the International Group of Studies on Colonial Periodical Press in the Portuguese Empire (GIEIPC-IP) is a network established in 2015 that brings together scholars, projects, and institutions from various countries. Its mission is to affirm the colonial periodical press as a relevant field of study. Colonial periodical press played a significant role in shaping and reshaping currents of thought and action in various colonial spaces and times. Therefore, it is a crucial area for understanding this past and its many complexities.

The Webinar Series that is commencing now aims to promote reflection and discussion on the work conducted by the members of GIEIPC-IP. We intend for this to be an informal space for gathering, where exploratory or well-developed research and interests can be shared, discussed, and reconsidered. The sessions will take place on Thursdays on a monthly basis. Although they will be led by members of the Group, they are open to the general public.


Session Organization

Sandra Ataíde Lobo (CHAM)

Adelaide Vieira Machado  (CHAM)


Organising Committee

Carmo Daun e Lorena (CRIA- FCSH)

Daniela Spina (CeComp, FLUL)



GIEIPC-IP - Grupo Internacional de Estudos da Imprensa Periódica Colonial do Império Português