Nuno Senos

Affiliated Postdoctoral Researcher   .   Assistance Professor at CIEE Lisbon Study Center/Universidade Nova de Lisboa




Research Group

Art, History, and Heritage




Nuno Senos earned his BA from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and his MA from the same university (O Paço da Ribeira, 1501-1581, Ed. Notícias, 2002). In 2006 he completed his Ph.D. at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, where he worked on "Franciscan art and architecture in colonial Brazil, 1650-1800" under the advising of Prof. Jonathan Brown. He is professor of Art and Architectural History of the Early Modern Age at Universidade Nova de Lisboa where he is also Researcher at CHAM. His research interests range from 16th-century Portuguese architecture, with a special focus on residential buildings, to the architecture of colonial Brazil, to the impact of empire in art consumption in Portugal in the 16th century.


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