Mariana Meneses M.


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Representações, Discursos, Materialidade e Usos do Passado






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Colombian historian, PhD candidate in early modern history at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, FCT scholarship holder, Researcher at CHAM. Member of MSCA-RISE "Resistance and Rebellion in the Iberian Empires. 16th- 19th centuries", her work focuses on everyday moral and juridical speeches, representations, and behavior of non elite people in Iberian colonial contexts during the 16th and 17th centuries.


Her thesis project "A world of words: access to justice and forms of female legal representation before ecclesiastical courts in the city of Lisbon (c. 1555-1648)", aims to identify the role that women played in the society of the early modern period, based on their interaction with the instances of Portuguese ecclesiastical justice in the period that historiography has called Counter-Reformation (1555-1648), and how what women say about themselves, together with the female images of the time, coming from the Church and the Crown, created learnings and categories about the diversity of realities about their daily lives. This creation of categories went through the interaction between men and women, with the ecclesiastical authorities; as a consequence, it reformulated from below the actions of women (fiction and incarnation). It covers the prelude to the application of the canons of the Council of Trent, the Iberian Union, and gives an account of four moments and models of diocesan administration.



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