Alberto Baena Zapatero


Colaborador Doutorado   .   Professor da Universidad de Salamanca


Grupo de Investigação

Ambiente, Interacções e Globalização







The research line that drives my investigation hinges on the History of America during its colonial period. In specific, I am interested in the study of Mexico and the Philippines considered within the context of the Spanish monarchy.

Presently I focus on global and comparative history by analyzing fluxes of people, objects and ideas between Asia, America and Europe – and comparing adaptation processes of the diverse elements in circulation. Within this field, I have focused on the relations maintained between the Philippines with the rest of Asia, and the impact of the exchanges resulting from the arrival of Nau da China in the New Spain.

I have focused on the study of folding screens as an emblematic example of oriental luxury objects being exchanged for American silver during the colonial period. I analyze the changes this piece of furniture underwent in Asia and its Mexican production. This case has been chosen for its accurate replication of the mentality of its owners and as a metaphor for the vitality of this interlink between the three continents and consequent cultural exchanges.

I have been mainly interested in a comprehensive array of economic, social and cultural processes that had an influence over the development of a Mexican creole identity. As an outcome of the attention paid to this topic, I have developed numerous research efforts focusing on the history of mentalities and its relation with various forms of expression of the material culture of the New Spain aristocracy.

In addition and beyond that, I have developed an intense activity within the field of gender studies. Specifically, I have studied the role of played by creole women within the New Spain colonial society and have compared their position with that of their peninsular counterparts. In this respect, particular emphasis was given to the analysis of their active participation in the court and in all of the political, economic and social debates of the time.



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