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Patrícia Carvalho is an archaeologist, with a MA in History and Archeology of the Portuguese Discoveries and Expansion and a PHd student in Archaeology. She collaborated with the National Center for Nautical and Underwater Archaeology (CNANS), having participated in severalfield missions in nautical and maritime archaeological contexts from the Iron Age to the Early Modern Period, in different environments both in the context of research and in the context of coastal engineering works. She was a fellow of CNANS between 2003 and 2008 having co-directed the archaeological intervention in the Ria de Aveiro A wreck site and Project Rava 2000 supported by FCT. She has been a researcher at the CHAM-Humanities Centre since 2001, where she participated in several archaeological interventions in Lisbon, Azores and Morocco. She is currently part of the UNESCO Chair The Ocean's Cultural Heritage and is the project manager and researcher for the European project CONCHA: The construction of early modern global Cities and oceanic networks in the Atlantic: An approach via Ocean’s Cultural Heritage.



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