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Isabel Soares de Albergaria, PhD in Architecture and master’s degree in Art history, is Assistant Professor at the University of the Azores, and member of the CHAM – Center for Humanities of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa/ Universidade dos Açores. She was head of the Department of History, Philosophy and Arts at the University of the Azores (2019-2021) and currently she directs the graduate degree in Patrimony, Museology and Development and post graduate degree in Cultural Tourism Studies. She has been a non-voting member of ICOMOS (UNESCO) within the Cultural Landscapes panel since August 2009 and a voting member to the International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes ICOMOS-IFLA, since 2016.



Research field related to Arts and Heritage, particularly architectural and landscape heritage, and Cultural Tourism Studies.  She investigates on domestic architecture (urban and rural), garden history and landscape development during the modern era, particularly in the context of the Macaronésia (Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde) through multiple approaches. She has more than 80 published works in this field, among which 9 books, 22 chapters of books, 40 articles in magazines, 15 international conference proceedings and over 90 oral lectures presented in and outside the country. 


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