José Carlos Quaresma


Investigador Integrado Doutorado   .   Professor Auxiliar da Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas/Universidade Nova de Lisboa




Grupo de Investigação

Representações, Discursos, Materialidade e Usos do Passado






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Investigador integrado do CHAM (Centro de Humanidades) da NOVA/FCSH (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). Investigador colaborador do CIDEHUS (Universidade de Évora). 2016-2020 Investigador integrado do Instituto de Estudos Medievais (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). 2010-2016 Investigador colaborador da UNIARQ, Unidade de Arqueologia da Universidade de Lisboa. CAMPOS DE INVESTIGAÇÃO Classical Archaeology and Late Antique Archaeology. Roman and Late Antique ceramics and trade. The Atlantic and the Mediterranean. PhD in Archaeology (2009). Assistant Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Departmental deputy of the Erasmus network. In 2018-2022, he lectured at the Universities of Brno, Granada and Lecce. Vice-president of the Sociedad de Estudios de la Cerámica Antigua en Hispania. Member of the Board of Directors (2017-2021). Member of the European Science Foundation's College of Expert Reviewers and the FWO Review College (Flanders). His research has focused on the typological and stratigraphic study of fine ceramics and amphorae from the Roman Imperial Period and Late Antiquity, in the peninsular Atlantic area and the western Mediterranean, having carried out research in Portugal, Spain and France. The deepening of taxonomies and tools for the archaeological dating of contexts has driven all his research. 106 published or forthcoming papers (57 in 2017-2022), in 10 countries. 75 lectures or posters (21 in 2017-2022). Editorial boards of 6 journals in Portugal (1 - until 2020), Spain (5). Peer-reviewer in 23 articles (14 in 2017-2022) in 5 countries. 5 project evaluations, in Portugal, Austria, COST and European Science Foundation. 14 scientific committees of congresses (9 in 2017-2022), in 3 countries. Supervisor of 10 PhD and Master theses. 6 scientific hosting of foreign PhD students. 9 juries of doctoral and master's degrees (9 in 2017-2022), in Portugal (1) and Spain (8). Since 2012, Principal Investigator of the Project "TabMir - The commercial areas of Mirobriga (centuries I-VI AD)". Member or consultant of 19 scientific projects with or without competitive funding (17 in 2017-2022), in collaborations involving Portugal, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, England and Italy. Organized 2 international congresses in 2016 and 2020. Collaborated or organised 2 exhibitions and catalogues. Participated in 6 outreach activities, in Portugal, Spain and Mexico.


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