International Congress 19.06.2023 to 21.06.2023
Teaching, Training and Research
NOVA FCSH Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Master's Degree in Portuguese as a Second and Foreign Language


The Master's Degree in Portuguese as a Second and Foreign Language at NOVA FCSH celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022. This moment has a doubly important meaning for us: it reflects a constant demand from the educational and academic public, as well as a curricular opportunity that accompanies the times and demands of adapting to new social realities.

We have made these two decades a permanent response to these circumstances and are now preparing to define the continuity model for the coming years.


This Congress is therefore ideal for fulfilling this future. We will hear from representatives from various editions, students, teachers, institutional collaborators. With them and with all who want to join us, we hope for moments of revisiting personal and professional stories in research and academic production, as well as the analysis of the work produced and its international dimension, alongside the planning of future collaborative activities.


Important dates:

Submission of proposals:

Until May 07, 2023 Communication of proposal evaluation results;

Until May 15, 2023 Registration of authors with accepted communication;

Until May 28, 2023 Registration of participants without communication;

Until May 28, 2023 Program disclosure: June 5, 2023;




Organizing Committee

Ana Maria Martinho Gale (CHAM)
João Paulo Pereira (CHAM)
Leonor Santa Bárbara (CHAM)
Luís Manuel A.V. Bernardo (IFILNOVA / NOVA FCSH)
Maria do Rosário Monteiro (CHAM)
Sílvia de Almeida (CICS/ NOVA FCSH)
Susete Albino (CHAM)





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