Forum16.11.2023 a 18.11.2023
FORUM Vaulted South. Saber construtivo vernáculo e abóbadas em tijolo
Ordem dos Arquitectos; Colégio Almada Negreiros, Room 219


The Vaulted South Forum — Vernacular Constructive Knowledge and Brick Vaulting — aims to discuss the constructive systems of vaults identifiable in vernacular context. It constitutes the final meeting that will promote the public discussion of the results from the "Vaulted South – Vaulted Vernacular Houses in Southern Portugal" Project (FCT EXPL/ART-DAQ/0171/2021). The tasks of identifying and characterizing vernacular vaults required prior questioning, partly sought in encoded knowledge found in architecture and construction books. However, it was the fieldwork that allowed the capturing of cases and the issues they raise, not only in their interpretation but also in the conservation of their construction elements. The way of archiving, managing, and disseminating the obtained data was also one of the most challenging tasks. Presenting the conclusions and ongoing issues, sharing data and uncertainties, will certainly contribute to a better understanding of vaulted constructions.



Organising Committee

Mafalda Batista Pacheco (CHAM)