Exhibition22.03.2024 to 31.05.2024
Salgueiro Maia, Journalist
NOVA FCSH - Casa de Vidro

Photo: © Marques Valentim


Between 1971 and 1973, on the eve of the Revolution, Salgueiro Maia commanded the Cavalry Company 3420 in Guinea.

The exhibition "Salgueiro Maia, Journalist" reveals how the military journal "Os Progressistas," the dissemination and cultural organ of the Company, functioned as a program of civic intervention. This was further amplified by the pseudonym Maia used to sign some of the articles: "O Progressista-Mor."

These texts unveil a leader guided by solidarity and altruistic motivations, with a practice framed by ethical values, thinking and acting as a citizen. "This brings up the word citizen. It is my intention, in writing these words, to contribute to it being lived in its fullness, that is, that each of us is a true citizen in fulfilling duties and experiencing rights," he says, at 28 years old, in Issue No. 26 of "Os Progressistas."





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