Festival22.03.2024 to 24.03.2024
Green Gardens Fest
Ponta Delgada


The Green Gardens Fest is a cultural and recreational event scheduled to take place in the municipality of Ponta Delgada from March 22 to 24, 2024. It is organized jointly by the Municipal Council of Ponta Delgada and CHAM Açores, University of the Azores, with the support of the Portuguese Association of Historic Gardens (AJH). Aimed at welcoming AJH members and open to the general public, the festival offers organized visits through registration or open access. It seeks to showcase a variety of gardens, estates, and parks, both public and private, engaging participants in the world of plants, living ecosystems, productive practices, aesthetics, garden design, environmental education, and sustainability.

The selection of spaces to visit interconnects urban and recreational gardens with rural and productive ones, large naturalized green spaces with small, meticulously designed miniature gardens. It includes a mix of the oldest and historic gardens with the most modern ones, rare plants, family stories, peculiar episodes, hidden and magical places, or forms that symbolically and expressively represent the four elements of Nature.


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Organising Committee

Isabel Soares de Albergaria (CHAM)



CHAM Açores
Câmara Municipal de Ponta Delgada



Associação Portuguesa dos Jardins Históricos (AJH)


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