Permanent Seminar on Amazonian Studies


This forum is meant as a space for theoretical reflection and debate on Amazonia, taken in a broad sense, in its geographical, historical and anthropological aspects, or in its multiple facets. Starting from CHAM's structural analysis strand, the Frontier, in its multiple physical or cultural meanings, SEPA - Permanent Seminar on Amazonian Studies will feature contributions by several researchers and professors from national and international institutions, who focus on Amazonia - and the former State of Grão-Pará and Maranhão - as a research subject.

There will be regular individual conferences and round tables, as well as thematic exhibits and other cultural initiatives such as musical soirées or guided readings, among others.

In addition to inviting the participation of established researchers, ongoing research by post-graduate students will also be presented, in order to extend the discussion to the most recent and innovative study perspectives, both theoretical and source-related.

In close connection with university institutions, mainly Brazilian and Spanish, the Seminar is open to researchers and students from different levels of education, as well as to all interested public, either to attend the sessions or to suggest contributions that fall within the intended scope.




Maria Adelina Amorim (CHAM)
Pablo Ibáñez-Bonillo (CHAM)







Permanent Seminar Amazonian Studies28.03.2023
04:00pm | CAN - Colégio Almada Negreiros, Room 209