Permanent Seminar on Women’s History Studies
Daniele Frison




This seminar aims to develop research on the History of Women, helping to highlight the importance of this field for the study and understanding of Portuguese and European past.

It will focus on the presentation of methodologies and differentiated areas of expertise covering extended chronologies, geographies and thematic studies, thus reflecting new historiographical perspectives and the topicality of this research field of the Humanities. This seminary will also combine efforts with other academic activities developed within research projects at CHAM – Centre for Humanities, as well as with curricula of the university cycle studies. This Seminar was inaugurated in the academic year of 2013/2014, having been organized and coordinated by Elsa Penalva and concluded in 2019 after the creation of the Thematic Line History of Women and Gender.





Carla Alferes Pinto (CHAM)