Permanent Seminar in African Studies


This seminar aims to link with the subject Borders and meet the need identified by CHAM to intensify its specific intervention on Africa.

In addition, it addresses inter-disciplinary requirements and proposes to strengthen working relationships between different groups of CHAM and FCSH researchers.

We invite the study and dissemination of themes related to Africa within the framework of its social, cultural, artistic and literary realities. The African continent's strategic role in the world today is widely debated and we will seek to play a relevant part in its dissemination and study, in particular by developing work already in progress.

We stress particularly the intense cultural production that both Africa and its diaspora communities produce, often still unknown. Our activities in this framework will keep a close relation with African academic institutions or those working on African matters, representatives of groups of different communities in the continent and abroad and single creators. The Seminars will therefore be both theoretical and practical and follow different methodological modalities. They will be directed to the academic community and general public.




Ana Maria Martinho Gale (CHAM)






Permanent Seminar in African Studies21.03.2023, 23.03.2023 and 27.04.2023
12h:00 | NOVA FCSH — Edifício C, Auditório C1