Hispanic Generation 



Start . 2015

Duration . 72 months

Principal InvestigatorJosé Esteves Pereira (CHAM)




Main Research Unit

CHAM — Centro de Humanidades


Casa da América Latina



The ‘Hispanic Generations’ project aims at providing a reflection on the structural importance of the concept of ‘generation’ as a fundamental category that synthesizes temporal succession in society, an aspect clearly exposed by Ortega y Gasset in his ‘generational theory’.

The generations span the chronological interval between 1898 and 1945, a time when Hispanic thought, as a result of various political and social vicissitudes, attained special relevance in the framework of the History of Contemporary Thought. Authors, cultural topics and philosophical currents from Spain, Portugal, Latin America and Brazil will be analysed from a critical and comparative perspective.



The ‘Hispanic Generations’ project aims at:

1. Identifying the main aspects of contemporary Hispanic thought;

2. Acknowledging the importance of the concept of ‘Generation’ in the Hispanic historical-cultural understanding;

3. Sharing research on the authors among the different researchers according to the best suited skill profiles;

4. Conducting a biographical and bibliographical survey of the selected thinkers;

5. Systematising philosophical subjects and their main statements;

6. Delimiting the lines of research on the diverse currents of thought of the different authors;

7. Conducting a comparative study between the various authors and the schools of thought that represent them;

8. Organising international scientific meetings and congresses aiming at the international dissemination of the research line and exchange of ideas;

9. Developing an interactive online platform to provide access to the information gathered and produced;

10. Assessing the results obtained and conclusions reached.







José Esteves Pereira    .    Coordenator

Berta Pimentel Miúdo
Cecília Barreira (CHAM)
Júlio Rodrigues da Silva (CHAM)
Margarida I. Almeida Amoedo (CHAM)
Maria de Lourdes Sirgado Ganho (Universidade Católica Portuguesa)
Sixto Rodriguez Castro (UVA)
Teresa Lousa (CHAM)