AMERINDIA: Exploring Native Knowledges from Past and Present



Start   .   2021
Durations   .   24 months
Principal Investigator   .   Pablo Ibáñez-Bonillo (CHAM)




Main Research Unit

CHAM — Centro de Humanidades




AMERINDIA: Exploring Native Knowledges from Past and Present focuses on indigenous knowledges, especially those from South America. This project is based on the premise that these knowledges are essential for understanding and addressing current global-scale issues. However, dialogues between knowledges are challenging due to epistemological and methodological differences. This project adopts universities as the key space where knowledge is produced and legitimized, thus allowing for exploring new forms of translation and reciprocity, all done respectfully towards indigenous knowledges. To achieve this objective, a network of researchers from European and American universities will be created, with a significant number of indigenous researchers included. The aim is to contribute to research structurally promoting indigenous knowledges in academic practices..



The AMERINDIA project had as its main objective the submission of an application to the European mobility program MSCA Staff Exchanges. This application was financed in the call HORIZON-MSCA-2022-SE-01, with the project EDGES - Entangling Indigenous Knowledges in Universities.