Nina Vieira


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Environment, Interactions, and Globalisation






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Nina Vieira is an environmental historian, research fellow of the ERC Synergy Grant “4-Oceans: Human History of Marine Life”. She holds a degree in Biology (University of Évora 2003/2008), a Master’s degree in Marine Ecology (Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon 2008/2010) and a PhD in History - History of the Portuguese Discoveries and Expansion (NOVA FCSH 2015/2020) under the theme “The taxonomy of Portuguese whaling between the 15th and the 18th century: An Atlantic history of the sea, whales and people” funded by FCT. She has been involved in national and international projects conducting research and producing outputs related marine species’ extractions, uses and heritage, namely the COST Action “Oceans Past Platform”, the MSCA-RISE “CONCHA”, and two EEA Grants Bilateral Initiatives. She is the PI of the exploratory project funded by CHAM "ANIMALIA - ANIMAL BIOGRAPHIES: A network of agencies in the making of early modern empires". She is currently the Regional Representative of Portugal at the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH). Her primary research interest is to understand the history of the relationships between humans and marine animals by analysis their exploitation over time and the cultural and environmental impacts of those interactions.


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