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Environment, Interactions, and Globalisation






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I have a degree in Archaeology from NOVA FCSH (2016-2019), and during my first academic cycle, I got involved in several projects and obtained my first job and responsibilities in research in medieval and military archaeology, completing about one year and two months of experience.

The Master in Archaeology (2019-2022) by NOVA FCSH, focused on the Fortress of Santa Catarina de Ribamar (Portimão) and is the first in-depth study of the site.

The Master in Communication of Science (2022-2023) by NOVA FCSH will focus on the communication of archaeology to the public, but with interest in other scientific areas.

In 2019 I was part of the formation of NARQ - Nucleus of Archaeology Students of NOVA FCSH. I was elected Vice-President of the Fiscal Council (2020), elected Vice-President of the Board (2021) and elected President of the Board (2022), developing training, information, dissemination programs and activities related to archaeological science.

Since 2020, I have been a collaborator of the Office of Archaeological Studies of Military Engineering - Directorate of Army Infrastructure (GEAEM-DIE). In 2020 I started working for several companies and entities related to cultural heritage.
In 2022 I became a professor of the discipline "Museums and Archaeology" in the Postgraduate Course in Museology at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.

The general field of study is archaeology and military history and archaeology and maritime history. Another field of action is the communication of archaeological science, heritage education and the conservation and digitization of cultural heritage.


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