Alexandra Baixinho


Postdoctoral Researcher    





Research Group

Art, History, and Heritage







Alexandra Duarte Baixinho is a Visual Sociologist (PhD, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, 2016), with a background in Anthropology (MA Urban Anthropology, ISCTE, Portugal, 2009; BA Anthropology, ISCTE, Portugal, 2002). She is an integrated researcher at CHAM – Humanities Centre (University of the Azores/UNOVA Lisbon). As an Invited Teacher (Collaborator), she is also teaching at the Post-Graduate Course in Cultural Tourism (University of the Azores), since 2021. As a Researcher her most recent projects were FIELD GUIDE (ARDITI/UAC) and CREATOUR AZORES (OTA/University of the Azores). Her expertise includes multiple national and international cross-disciplinary research projects, from cultural heritage to tourism, visual sociology, urban studies, climate change, governance, sustainability, and quality of life. She is co-author of several books, book chapters, research reports, and peer-reviewed articles. Additionally, she has participated in group exhibitions such as: Projections on the Pier Exhibition, Bognor Regis, UK (2015); The Future of Art is Urban: Artistic Research Practices and Methods in Social Sciences, Enclave Gallery, London (2014); London Villages Project; Engaging Tactics (BSA); Crossing Lines Group Home Exhibition (Linear House Gallery, London, 2012).



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