The Digital Paradigm Thematic Line aims to be a space for discussion, mutual learning, and collaboration among CHAM researchers, promoting the digital transformation of research practices in three strategic areas:

1. Research data management, disseminating and promoting interdisciplinary data management practices in five phases: (1) data identification, (2) planning, (3) collection/production, structuring and storage, (4) deposit for preservation, citation and sharing, and (5) dissemination.

2. Digital humanities, developing skills and practices, promoting shared digital curation, contributing to a more transparent and sustainable digital research paradigm, new research questions and attracting new audiences.

3. Digital Information Curation, considering a set of good information management practices to enable long-term access to information, adding value to digital information and ensuring digital preservation planning, authenticity, and integrity of digital resources, both for current and future use.  




To stimulate, discuss and support the learning and use of new research, curation, and digital preservation practices.

To create a collaborative dynamic in CHAM's strategic areas to develop best practices in the implementation of Open Science policies and in the curation and management of research data, supporting their quality, transparency, integrity, normalisation and digital sustainability.

To create and implement a digital preservation plan for research, to safeguard CHAM's digital research heritage, and to create digital information curation modalities for a common heritage, whether for individual or collaborative projects. Organise digital paradigm discussion days.

Coordination   .   Carla Vieira

Activities per year