CHAM TALKS 13.01.2023
African literatures, ecosystems, and landscapes, by Ana Maria Martinho


Literatures of Africa, Ecosystems and Landscapes

To what extent do theoretical tools such as ecocriticism, decolonial thought, and feminism help us understand narratives and essays by African authors such as Paulina Chiziane, Ruy Duarte de Carvalho, Dina Salústio, Pepetela, or Luandino Vieira? How are the sound and visual memories of rural and urban landscapes present in these texts? Is historical memory also reflected in oral narratives? In fictional texts, does the woman play a leading role in asserting alternative family models? Ana Maria Martinho answers these questions in the seventh episode of "CHAM Talks, a podcast for listening to science."

Ana Maria Martinho is Associate Professor at the Nova University of Lisbon, Member of the Executive Committee of the Department of Portuguese Studies (NOVA FCSH), Integrated Researcher at CHAM (where she coordinates the Permanent Seminar on African Studies), and Associate Researcher at CREPAL (Sorbonne Nouvelle). She has research and university teaching experience in Portugal and abroad and is part of the Chair of LP at the Catholic University of Angola. She works on Theory and African Literature, Culture, Literature and Ecocriticism. Since the beginning of her career, she has been dedicated to the dissemination of Portuguese Language Literatures and international academic cooperation, also in the field of Portuguese as a Non-Native Language.

The interview is conducted by Daniella Zerbinatti.



Isabel Araújo Branco (CHAM)