Permanent Seminar22.02.2024
Rethinking gender in historiography: new perspectives
04:00 pm | Casa da Achada — Centro Marco Dionísio Mujeres que escriben cartas: amor, amistad, libros y polftica en el siglo XVIII, by Monica Bolufer Peruga (Universitat de Valencia)



This seminar aims to rethink the category of gender in historiographical discourse, at a time when this topic is being permanently questioned. Portuguese historiography continues to refer to the category of gender from the perspective of studying women's history, although in the last two decades some debates on masculinity and queer issues have emerged. This permanent seminar will discuss new theoretical and empirical perspectives on this topic in an informal setting, with the participation of civil society. The purpose extends beyond academic discussions, but aims to involve people outside academia in discussions about the historical evolution of the gender category and how rethinking its historical evolution in current research could have an impact on contemporaneity.


Organizing Committee

Mariana Meneses M. (CHAM)

Ana Sofia Ribeiro (CIDEHUS)








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