CHAM TALKS08.03.2024
Portuguese authors printed abroad in the 16th Century, by João Alves Dias and João Costa


Portuguese authors printed Abroad in the 16th Century


We embark on a journey to the 16th century with João Alves Dias and João Costa to explore their findings on Portuguese authors published outside Portugal, in both Portuguese and other languages, particularly in the Republic of Venice, Lyon, Salamanca, Antwerp, and Cologne. Approximately four thousand books, along with other types of texts, will be covered. These include works on medicine, catechism and sermons, literature, philosophy, law, mathematics, grammar, and histories of Portugal, among others. Filipe Dias, Fernão Mendes Pinto, and Aquiles Estácio are examples among the many authors printed abroad.

João Alves Dias is an Postdoctoral Researcher at CHAM and an Associate Professor with aggregation at NOVA FCSH. As the Director of the journal Fragmenta Historica, his research interests focus on the history of printed books, the history of Early Modern Portugal, Paleography, and Diplomacy. João Costa holds a Ph.D. in Medieval History and is an Postdoctoral Researcher at CHAM. He is a contracted researcher at the National Library and Archives of Abu Dhabi.

The interview is conducted by José Alberto Catalão.




Isabel Araújo Branco (CHAM)