International and Multidisciplinary Congress PHI:Porportion, Harmonies, Identities


In 2015, researchers from two Portuguese Research Units – CIAUD (Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design/University of Lisbon) and CHAM / NOVA FCSH started a joint project aiming to bring together researchers from different fields of investigation in order to, in a multidisciplinary scenario, find common grounds to increase the dialogue among the scientific community.

PHI (Φ), the golden proportion, with its vast variety of meanings throughout human knowledge and creations, encompasses the main objective of this project: to foster the dialogue among the different forms of looking at the universe and all it contains, either known or just perceived. In other words, through different methods of researching, communicating knowledge, creating artefacts - be it in the fields of the natural sciences, arts, architecture, or the wide field of the humanities - , achieving a golden proportion, an equilibrium built upon ever-changing paradigms is the focus of the project.

To achieve PHI we annually challenge researchers from all over the world to overcome limits and frontiers, either physical or theoretical, to build bridges and demolish walls, to engage in a multidisciplinary exchange of ideas that promote both knowledge and the acceptance and understanding of the Other.







CIAUD / FA-ULisboa



9th International and Multidisciplinary Congress05.10.2023 to 07.10.2023
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Sevilla