This inventory of the documental collection of this Portuguese centenary publisher enables the search within a database created in the platform ICA-Atom and also allows for visualising iconography and some documents on the institutional evolution of this company.

A series of articles on the history of the Romano Torres publishers. These short articles are a contribution to the history of Portuguese publishing, covering topics as diverse as book censorship or the finding of a new illustration by Almada Negreiros in the Romano Torres collection.
Thematic bibliographies on publishing, heritage safeguard and specific archival science.. A series of relevant bibliographies for research in the fields of contemporary publishing, heritage safeguard and archival science related to the preservation of the documentary collections pertaining to publishing, compiled in the scope of the Romano Torres Project.
Biographical dictionary of collaborators of the centenarian Romano Torres publishers. This dictionary features profiles of most of Romano Torres' collaborators, including unpublished information (from their active and passive bibliographies) for authors (writers), illustrators, translators, anthologizers, coordinators, editors and producers.
A repertoire of testimonies from publishers, booksellers, authors and readers on the world of publishing.   Compilation and systematisation of bibliographical references for testimonies of the different agents of the book world in contemporary Portugal, including hyperlinks to the full text.
This Educational Kit, produced by the UNESCO National Commission in collaboration with UNESCO, the International Centre for Coastal Eco-Hydrology of UNESCO (ICCE) and the FCSH-UNL Centro de História de Além-Mar (CHAM), is a teaching manual for teachers. It is to be used in the classroom, in a crosscutting approach, suggesting activities to be developed by the students. These may be adapted and modified according to the local context and the needs of each school and each country. The Kit’s main objective is to raise awareness to the contents of the 2001 Convention and it challenges teachers and students to create projects and good practices in the preservation of the underwater cultural heritage. The underwater cultural heritage should therefore be regarded as an integral part of the cultural heritage of humanity and an immensely important element in the reconstitution of the past.
The research, inventory, study and dissemination of the historical documentation relating to the history of the Portuguese presence in the southern region of Morocco was one of the essential premises of one of CHAM's research projects. This section features the database of all documentation consulted, an inventory of the available cartographic and iconographic materials, the publication of previously unpublished historical sources and the availability in digital format of the important collection ‘Les Sources Inédites de l'Histoire du Maroc’.
A survey of the Oriental toponyms referred to in the four volumes of Visconde Lagoa’s Glossário Toponímico da Antiga Historiografia Portuguesa Ultramarina was conducted in the scope of the Virtual Encyclopaedia of Portuguese Expansion project. This includes kingdoms, provinces, districts, cities, ports, towns, villages, locations, mountains, seas, rivers, lakes and bays mentioned in prints and manuscripts of early Portuguese overseas historiography under names other than their present ones. This initiative seeks to provide free access to an adaptation of this publication.
This project is directed at disseminating the content of this collection deposited at Direcção Geral de Arquivos (Directorate-General of Archives), which holds a great importance for the study of the Portuguese presence in the East in the 17th and 18th centuries. Summaries of documents referring to 53 codices of this archive have been summarised.
The genealogies of the Viceroys and Governors of the Portuguese State of India of the 16th century are a part of a broader project of CHAM, in partnership with the Departamento de Ciências Humanas of the Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical, which aims at studying the origin and status of the main officers of the Portuguese State of India of the 16th century.VI.
This index was produced by Álvaro de Araújo Antunes and Márcio Roberto Alves dos Santos as part of their research activities in the National Archives of Torre do Tombo, in Lisbon. It is a laborious work that provides interested people with some keys and preliminary references to go through the set of documents of the collection “Manuscritos do Brasil” (Manuscripts of Brasil)
The goal of this project was the palaeographic transcription and critical edition of the epistolography of eight Jesuits missioned to the Far East, in the last third of the 16th century and the first half of the 17th century. A total of 115 letters were transcribed, totalling 523 original pages, kept in the Roman Archive of the Society of Jesus, the Vatican Secret Archive, Évora Public Library, the Royal Academy of History (Madrid), the British Library, the Ajuda Library and the Royal Library of Brussels. The texts were transcribed from microfilms or scans obtained from the respective archives, or already existing in the Portuguese Overseas Film Library.