WHALE - A chronology of change: an Heritage network of historical WHALing in Europe




Code   .   EEA - Grants  PT-BI039

Start . 2021

Principal Investigator Cristina Brito



Funding Entity

EEA Grants, Fundo de Relações Bilaterais & CHAM - Centro de Humanidades

EEA Grants Portugal — Iceland Liechtenstein Norway Grants



UNESCO Chair "The Cultural Heritage of the Oceans
CHAM - Center for Humanities



Porto Pim Whaling Station / OMA - Sea Observatory of the Azores(PT)

The Húsavík Whale Museum(IS)


The project's main goal is the creation of an European network for the study and dissemination of the cultural heritage and memory of historical whaling. Grounded on the Blue Humanities, H-WHALE seeks to promote an endured collaboration between different institutions and disciplines - Marine environmental history, Marine ecology, Museology, Arts and Literature. This is a new bilateral collaboration between Portugal and Iceland involving two museums dedicated to whales and whaling heritage and one university research unit, all committed to researching and disseminating history and culture about the Oceans and its animals. 

Following our national and regional stories and chronologies of change from a past of active whaling to current research, education, conservation and outreach- supported on the (in)tangible heritage of whales’ history and ecology -, it will allow us to bring the two countries together and to promote a more inclusive and closer Europe through a future network.

Here are brought together distant regions with such different backgrounds but with common traditions such as Husavik and the Azores, where Lisbon acts as the agglutinating and driving force behind this network and study. 



. Creation of a research and working network on European whaling cultural heritage;


. Promote the exchange of information and researchers between Portugal and Iceland;


. Study of two cases of change in relation to whaling: Azores and Iceland;


. Bilateral research in the areas of Marine Environmental History, Marine Ecology, Museology, Arts and Literature.







Cristina Brito    .    Coordenator



Promoter Team . CHAM

Ana Catarina Garcia

Joana Baço

Nina Vieira
Patrícia Carvalho



Partners Team




Carla Dâmaso

Aurora Ribeiro

Catarina Fazenda


Húsavík Whale Museum

Eva Björk Káradóttir

Heiðar Hrafn Halldórsson

Garðar Þröstur Einarsson