Study of Archaeological Materials from the Archaeological Intervention in the Royal Walls (Ceuta)



Start . 2013

Duration . 13 months

Principal Investigator . André Teixeira (CHAM)



Funding Entity

Consejeria de Educacion, Cultura y Mujer


Host Institution

-Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas / Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Main Research Unit

CHAM - Centro de Humanidades / Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas/Universidade Nova de Lisboa | Universidade dos Açores


- Jomasa


It has been a decade since the start of the research on the heritage complex of the Royal Walls of Ceuta, a succession of overlapping defensive devices, from Antiquity to the Early Modern Age. In 2012, a massive archaeological campaign was carried out, in order to excavate all existing land filling between the Islamic and the Portuguese wall, where the caliphate entrance had already been detected. The CHAM joined this project as part of the investigation triggered by these archaeological interventions, particularly in the study of the materials from the Portuguese period.



The processing, inventory, study, partial preservation and publication of the archaeological materials collected during the archaeological intervention in the Royal Walls from the period of Portuguese occupation of the city, including ceramics, glass, bone, wood, leather and metal. The project aims for a better understanding of the Portuguese occupation of this city, as well as of the material culture of the region around the Strait of Gibraltar from the 15th-16th centuries.

Alongside this work, the project will have dissemination activities for the community, such as lectures and archaeology workshops.






André Teixeira   .   Coordenator  
Alexandra Gomes
Andreia Machado
Cátia Charters
Gonçalo Correia Lopes (CHAM)
Joana Bento Torres (CHAM)
Luís Serrão Gil (CHAM)