Almada Velha (Old Almada): heritage valorization of the historical urban center



Start: 2021

Duration: 36 months

Principal Investigator: André Teixeira (CHAM)




Funding Entity

Câmara Municipal de Almada


Coordenator Institutions

Câmara Municipal de Almada
CHAM — Centro de Humanidades




The characteristics of Almada's urban fabric (its genesis and expansion) are still little known, although documentary research and archaeological work carried out over the last 40 years have gradually filled in some of the gaps. This increase in knowledge, while answering some questions, simultaneously raises new queries by highlighting patterns of occupation of the space, hitherto unknown. It is in this context that this research project is developed, to systematize the knowledge acquired and launch new lines of intervention, in order to compile a body of data that allows to know and characterize the evolution of urbanism, the social and economic structure and their daily lives over the centuries. It will necessarily be a transdisciplinary approach, which will cross-reference all the information currently available from successive years of historical and archaeological research and initiate new interventions in places considered crucial to the proposed objectives. At the same time, the mission of transmitting the knowledge obtained to society is inherent, through the promotion of activities that seek to establish a close link between research and the community.



The main objectives of this research and valorization project are:
- Studies of archaeological contexts and inventory and valorization of their collections,
- Creation of a heritage sensitivity map of the historical center of Almada, 
- To consolidate Almada City Council's public archaeology service,
- Execution of programmed archaeological works, in a framework of urban archaeology,
- Development of interaction strategies between the community and the archaeological and built heritage.






André Teixeira    .    Coordenator
André Bargão (CHAM)

Beatriz Calapez Santos

Eva Pires (CHAM)

Fátima Alves (CMAlmada)

Francisco Curate (CIAS)

João Gonçalves Araújo (CHAM)

Leonor Medeiros (CHAM)

Rodrigo Banha da Silva (CHAM)

Sérgio Rosa (CMAlmada)

Telmo António (CMAlmada)