Susana Serpa Silva


Postdoctoral Researcher   .   Associate Professor at Universidade dos Açores


Research Group

Social, Economic, and Political Dynamics






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Susana Serpa Silva has a PhD in Contemporary History (Pre-Bologna), since 2007/03/26, by the University of the Azores. She is an Associate Professor at the School of Social and Human Sciences of the same University, where she is currently Director of the PhD course in Island and Atlantic History (XV-XX Centuries) and also of the International and Inter-University PhD in Atlantic Islands: History, Heritage and Legal-Institutional Framework. She is an integrated researcher at CHAM - Humanities Center (FCSH of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the University of the Azores) and is currently director of CHAM Açores (the Azorean group of this RU) and member of the executive board of the center.. She is a collaborative researcher at LABIMI (Immigration Studies Laboratory of the State University of Rio de Janeiro) and corresponding member of the Portuguese Academy of History. She has 5 books published as author, 10 books as co-coordinator, more than 80 book chapters, entries and articles in national and international journals and magazines. She published in different countries such as Brazil, Spain, Italy, France and Poland. She has the following research interests: History of Portugal, Azores and Atlantic World in 19th and 20th centuries. Her main focus are:
Social and Cultural History, behaviours and everyday life, criminal violence, social exclusion (specially abandoned children) and judicial institutions. Has a particular interest about History of emigration (legal and illegal), Gender Studies and Family History. She has also some works about press and social and health care.



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