Joana Lima


Postdoctoral Researcher  . Science & Technology Management Fellow . CHAM


Research Group

Early Modern and Contemporary Thought





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Joana Lima completed her PhD (2019) in Museology and Heritage at UNIRIO-MAST, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her PhD studies were funded by an individual grant from CAPES, Brazil, and her dissertation was awarded the CAPES 2020 best dissertation award in Applied and Multidisciplinary Social Sciences (Communication and Information). Joana Lima holds a Master's degree in Museology and exhibition contents by ISCTE - Insituto Universitário de Lisboa (2008), a post-graduation in Cultural Communication by Universidade Católica (2006), and an undergraduated degree in Geology and Natural Resources by Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (2005). Joana is currently a Science and Technology Management Grant holder at CHAM, NOVA- FCSH, and a member of the Early-Modern and Modern Thought Research Group. She has previously worked at NOVA, Universidade dos Açores, and Universidade do Porto. Her main research interests are: Cultural Heritage; Museology; History of Collections; Scientific collections; Personal Archives and Digital Humanities.



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