Noemi Alfieri


Postdoctoral Researcher  . Research Fellow . Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas/Universidade Nova de Lisboa


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Noemi Alfieri is a Junior researcher at CHAM – Centre for the Humanities International (CEEC 2021) with the project: “Mapping anti-colonial networks through literature. Transnational connections of African thinkers in the reconfiguration of space and thought (1950s - 70s)”. She was a Fellow at the Africa Multiple Cluster for Excellence (University of Bayreuth) for the 2022/23 ay. Former Post-Doctoral Research Fellow of the FCT-ID project Afrolab: Building African Literatures. Institutions and Consecration inside and outside the Portuguese-Language Space 1960-2020, based at CLEPUL - Centre for Lusophone and European Literatures and Cultures (FLUL, University of Lisbon - March to September, 2022). Member of the Editorial Board of Práticas da História, Associate Member of CREPAL - Centre de recherches sur les pays lusophones (Sorbonne Nouvelle Université, France); a member of the research group Áfricas (UERJ-UFRJ). She is also a team member of the FCT-funded Projects AFROLAB (UL) and WOMENLIT - Women’'s Literature: Memories, Peripheries and Resistance in the Luso-Afro-Brazilian Atlantic (CHAM, NOVA-FCSH). Member of the COST Action 18126 - “Writing Urban Places” (EU). Her research currently focuses on African editorial projects form the 1950’s to the 1970’s. She’s concerned with the mobility of objects, people and ideas through the transnational networks established within Africa, Europe and Latin America by negritudinists, Pan-African or anti-colonial writers and intellectuals in those decades, with a special attention on the underrepresentation of women’s agency in the historical and academic narrations produced about and in those cultural environments.


She gained her PhD in Portuguese Studies (History of the Book and Textual Criticism) from NOVA-FCSH with the dissertation:“" (Re)building Identity through Conflict: An Approach to African Literatures written in Portuguese (1961-74)". This dissertation was founded by FCT-IP and received an Honorable Mention for the Mário Soares Prize-EDP Foundation (2021). She holds a BA degree in Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish and Portuguese, 2013) from the Università degli Studi of Turin, Italy. She holds a MA degree in Modern Languages and Literatures from the same university, with a dissertation on Angolan literature (2015). She is a writer and translator.


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