Curricular Programmes





Courses at NOVA FCSH and UAc that are associated with CHAM.






Masters in Archaeology
Catarina Tente    .    Coordenation


Masters in Curation and Digital Humanities

Daniel Alves    .    Coordenation

Paula Ochôa   .   Coordenation

Nuno Correia   .   Coordenation


Master’s in Portuguese Studies

Golgona Anghel    .   Coordenation


Master's in Philosophy

Giovanni Damele     .   Coordenador


Master’s in History of Art and Museology

Joana Cunha Leal   .   Coordenation


Masters in History of the Portuguese Empire (e-learning)

Cristina Brito    .    Coordenation


History in the Public Sphere (Erasmus Mundus)

Pedro Aires Oliveira   .   Coordenation



Master's in Contemporary Myths: Literatures, Arts, and Cultures

Alda Maria Jesus Correia    .   Coordenation


Master's in Heritage

Paula Ochôa    .     Coordenation

Carla Alferes Pinto    .    Coordenation


Master's in Portuguese as a Second and Foreign Language

Ana Maria Martinho Gale    .    Coordenation


Master's in Trends in English and North-American Studies

Iolanda Ramos    .   Coordenation




Ph.D. in Archaeology
Francisco Caramelo   .   Coordenation


Ph.D. in History
Maria Fernanda Rollo    .   Coordenation


PhD in Language Teaching - Multilingualism and Education for Global Citizenship (in association with the Open University [Universidade Aberta]) - b-learning regime

Carlos Ceia   .   Coordenation


PhD in Philosophy

João Constâncio   .    Coordenation


University of the Azores - UAc




Master in Heritage, Museology and Development

Isabel Soares de Albergaria     .     Coordenation


Doutoramento  Ph.D. in Insular and Atlantic History

Susana Serpa Silva    .     Coordenation



Doctorate in Atlantic Islands: History, Heritage and Legal Institutional Framework

Susana Serpa Silva    .     Coordenation