ANIMALIA Summer School 2024: Studying animals in the Social Sciences and Humanities in Portugal



The project ANIMALIA - Animal Biographies: A network of agencies in the making of early modern empires, based at and funded by CHAM, the Centre for the Humanities of NOVA FCSH, aims at delving deeper into the study of the interactions between human societies and non-human animals, recognising the role of different actors in historical processes. It envisions to significantly contribute to the animal turn in various disciplines of the social and human sciences, in strong dialogue within history and, particularly, environmental history. At a time when discourses concerning human domination of the non-human world are being reconfigured, the ANIMALIA Summer School is a pioneering initiative in Portuguese academia in getting together a group of students and researchers who recognise animals as co-constructors of historical narratives and mediators of economic, cultural and ecological dynamics.

This Summer School is directed at MA and PhD students and early career researchers. It aims to gather around 20 master and doctoral students or recent post-docs together with junior and senior scholars. We invite discussion around different topics related to the study of animals, such as but not limited to:

. Production of energy and labour
. Human nutrition
. Clothing
. Domestication and captivity
. Diseases and health
. Transport and animals on the move
. Knowledge production and natural history
. History of science and technology
. Appropriation, extraction, and use
. Urban and rural worlds
. Symbols, meanings, and cultural uses
. Museology and collections
. Artistic representations and urban art
. Conservation and sustainability

The work will be carried out in an informal and friendly atmosphere through presentations, hands- on workshops, masterclasses, and a field trip. Applicants must submit a motivation letter, including information on their academic and professional (if applicable) background, research topics (for instance, the subject of their MA or PhD thesis) and what they expect to achieve from this Summer School.

This event is free and includes lunches and snacks. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the participants themselves.

Applications should be sent until the 30th of June to the following email address:


Call for Applications (.pdf)